The Artist

Maureen Kellick

The visual impact of nature has been an influencing component in Kellick’s life and art.

New York’s Niagara River and Lake regions of orchards and vineyards inspired her early art. As a Gulf coast artist in residence Kellick discovered Florida’s brilliant sunshine, exotic vegetation, and wildlife unleashed a new color palette and subject matter into her art.  Her dedicated love for drawing opened up new career directions in the graphic arts and design, with new commissions for logo designs, murals, and painting.  A new career in advertising, marketing, events, tourism, and working in the visual and performing arts over the following decades completed a diversified portfolio of accomplishments and brought her full circle back to the studio and art. 

Maureen’s current portfolio of work reflects the natural beauty of Florida and captures historic destinations and images of the Great Lakes and Adirondack regions in a broad spectrum of subject matter, scale, and medium. Her art can be found in private and public collections across the United States including Vermont, New York State, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico, California, and Florida.

With nature as a prime component of Kellick’s extensive portfolio of work, the artist’s use of color, shadows, aspect, and line contribute to her unique style.